Quality Department

The wide range of products actually produced by the baking industry requires raw materials to cope with particular physicochemical characteristics. In this way, the valuable attributes of flour when elaborating noodles and dry pasta are quite different from those required to produce cookies or cakes which, in turn, differ from those that are needed in order to elaborate best quality bread crumb.

Recognizing those diferenttial needs, Millers Group has installed a Quality Control Department, where highly qualified technicicians perform daily a set of procedures in order to monitor flours properties.

We employ for instance a Quadrumat Junior Mill Lab (Brabender) and the Glutomatic System (Perten) for measuring critical parameters such as the hectoliter weight of grains, the weight of 1.000 grains – which are indicators of flour performance –, enzymatic activity whitin them – by means of which one can predict the characteristics that bread elaborated from them will exibit –, and the moisture and gluten content.

We also employ an E Farinograph (Brabender) and a NG Alveograph (Chopin) in order to measure baking quality. Both methods allow us to precisely evaluate different properties of doughs, such as water absorption, extensibility and torque.

Moreover, quality parameters exhibited by grains not only depend on its genetic constitution, but also on the environment in which they were grown and the way they were handled after harvested. In order to control for such issues, our Quality Department employes a 1500 Falling Number (Perten)by means of which the enzymatic activity (or alfa-amylase concentration) is measured.

The mentioned procedures allow us to make sure our shipments are homogeneous, there by making pasta manufacturing and baking easier, reducing production time and costs and increasing efficiency.

We also have the necessary know-how and technological capacity to provide differential service according to each client needs. In this way, we are able to produce flours and semolinas that fulfill the unique specifications required by different production processes.

Brabender Farinograph

 Brabender Farinograph

Chopin Alveograph

 Chopin Alveograph

Perten Glumatic System

 Perten Glumatic System