Durum Wheat Semolina

Wheat semolina granules are milled from the endosperm part of the wheat grain. Semolina consists of particles of coarsely-ground durum wheat. It has an intermediate granulometry and is obtained when the albumen goes through the first milling passage.

Depending on its coarseness, semolina is used to make pasta, puddings, cakes, different desserts, etc.

The high amount and quality of gluten of semolinas produced by Millers Group make them the ideal ingredient for elaborating top quality pasta. For these reason, most prestigious noodle producers employ them to manufacture spaghettis, raviolis, cous cous, nests, macaroni and all kind of dry and fresh alimentary pasta.

Also, the low ash content and optimal protean network confer them three critical properties at the moment of cooking and kneading: tenacity, balance and extensibility.

Millers Group Quality Department, integrated by highly qualified professionals, constantly test semolina for enzymatic activity and gelatinization, there by making sure pasta elaborated from them will exhibit exceptional look and color. Also, the careful selection and dehusking of berries in the cleaning process, prevents products elaborated with our semolina from deforming during the baking process, diminishing, in turn, amylase loss.

Presentation: Bulk, bags (25 or 50 kg.), big-bags (500 or 1,000 kg.).
Minimum order: 1,000 tons.