About Millers Group

Grupo Molinero was born with the idea of providing solutions tailored to the needs of large customers.

Millers Group was born with the purpose of providing custom solutions to meet big clients´ needs. Eventhought Argentina has a long tradition regarding wheat and the varieties grown exibit excellent baking quality, there are few producers that are able to deliver flours with industrial aptitude. That is why Millers Group´s main objective consists in providing flours of high quality which are able to fulfill both foreign and local demand requirements. We also care about the homogeneity of shipments, in such a way we can guarantee our clients that the whole lot will exhibit identical performance.

In order to cope with this, cereals and floury products produced by Millers Group are systematically examined by means of different testing procedures such as the Gluten Content Test and the Falling Number Test. In this way, we can make sure their quality meets most stringent specifications.

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