Maize (Corn) Flour

Maize flour is obtained by milling clean, healthy and well conserved maize grains. During this process the germ and part of the pericarp is removed.
Corn flours usage depends, mainly, on the type of grain employed. Flour elaborated from Yellow maize is destined to animal feed. On the contrary, Plate Maize or Flint is used for manufacturing “polenta”, “tortillas”, maize bread, cereals, snacks, etc.
White corn (maize) flour is commonly named cornflour or cornstarch and it main applications is mostly employed for producing maize ingredients for the snackfood, breakfast cereal and brewing markets.

Presentation: Bulk, bags (25 or 50 kg.), big-bags (500 or 1,000 kg.).
Minimum order: 1,000 tons.

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