Rheological Tests

This kind of tests are implemented by means of different electromechanical equipments that measure flours characteristics and aptitudes when dampened […]

Brabender Farinograph

Brabender Farinograph measures flours characteristics and attributes in the kneading process. The farinogram makes possible to detect main variables´ deviation

Chopin Alveograph

Chopin Alveograph (or Extensograph) is used to assess the rheological properties of dough prepared from wheat flour. Those properties are

Falling Number Test

The Falling Number Test measures the degree of alpha-amylase activity and the fermentation process which takes place in wheat flour

Weat Gluten Content Test

Industrial aptitude of wheat grains depends on the quantity and quality of proteins they contain. In particular, those attributes are

Simulating the Milling Process

In order to measure physicochemical properties of flours that will be obtained from different lots of cereals, our technicians simulate

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