Simulating the Milling Process

In order to measure physicochemical properties of flours that will be obtained from different lots of cereals, our technicians simulate industrial milling by means of specialized equipment such as the Brabender Quadrumat Junior.

With this Lab Mill, we can produce semolina and flour from hard and soft wheat with the same chemical and rheological properties that will exhibit products obtained during industrial milling.

Quadrumat Junior presents several sections that recreate those conditions that are present in the real milling process. Firstable, grains go throught a breaking passage; then they are sifted by means of centrifugal forces, and then reduced and sifted again.

Flours and semolinas obtained from this process are submitted to several tests in order to evaluate their baking quality along with their ash, moisture and gluten content.

Cross-Cut of a Lab Mill
Cross-Cut of a Lab Mill
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