Baking Industry

Millers Group produces flours of maximum purity under strict quality specifications. Doughs elaborated from them are easily shaped and exhibit high gas retention capacity.

The high protean content and farinographic stability of our baking flours enhance gluten formation, thus enabling bakers to obtain pieces adequately fermented which, in turn, prevents them to unshape.
These flour´s properties also improve doughs ability to bear the presence of some ingredients or additives that interrupt flour structure, elasticity and kneading aptitude, namely: dry and dehydrated fruits and seeds.

There by, products obtained exhibit great specific volume, crumb structure, regular holes and uniform color. All mentioned characteristics do not alter flour versatility. On the contrary, those are flours which easily adapt to different baking systems, such as short and long fermentation methods.

Bakery flours produced by Millers Group encounter application in a wide array of baked goods, such as cookies, pizzas, puddings, cakes, etc.

Presentation: Bulk, bags (25 or 50 kg.), big-bags (500 or 1,000 kg.).
Minimum order: 1,000 tons.

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