Food Processing Industry

Careful selection of grains employed as raw material, makes our pastry flour a notably white and refined product. Its scarce gluten formation hinders gases originated during fermentation process to perdure. This makes our flour the ideal raw material for those kinds of baked goods which are allowed to take no defined shape such as bread mold and pastries.

Our pastry flours´ rheological properties and low ash content gives dough an extraordinary strength and tolerance to the most demanding cooking and pressing processes to which are subject most dry pasta. This attribute also benefits fresh pasta, because reduces, to minimum, the bacterian activity.

For all these reasons, our pastry flour is widely employed both in industrial and artisan products, among which we can mention raviolis, noodles, nests, and laminated pasta.

Presentation: Bulk, bags (25 or 50 kg.), big-bags (500 or 1,000 kg.).
Minimum order: 1,000 tons.

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